Sunday, August 15, 2010

calligraphy scribbles...

a.k.a. practice, practice, practice....

Got a new pen holder, an oblique, and lots of new nibs to try as well as these inks. I've been enjoying playing around with it all. The following is a small selection of this past months playing and practice...

Perfecting my letter forms.

Here's my first attempt at a mandala.
I was inspired to try it out after looking at all the amazing ones Jane Farr has created.
(visit her blog, A Place to Flourish. She's amazing!)
while mine is by no means perfect I had a blast doing it and will certainly create some more.

just some random flourish practice

Again, flourish practice,

but this time playing with letters rather than extras.

The following is a page in my sketchbook done with Micron pens.

I've been working on some versions of "thank you" and "welcome" for use with One and Only Events and this is one of them.


Anna Kristine said...

Amazing. :) Your so inspiring. Calligraphy is something I've never been very good at or had patience to practice. But I do so love how it looks!

Jane Farr said...

Hi Annamae,
Thank you for the sweet comment and the link love! :)
Your Copperplate practice sheets are wonderful, and I think you are doing a fabulous job of forming consistent letters. Your mandala is GORGEOUS! Keep up the great work!!

Alison Howard said...

So pretty!! Everything looks amazing!!! :)

Eugenie Mary said...

You are getting good! So fun to see what you are learning :) I used to practice this myself when I was young, only with the felt-tip pens that were "new" back then.