Monday, October 3, 2011

Baby knits...

 I gifted both my sisters the promise of knitted baby sweaters at their showers. 
They each got to choose from two patterns I'd chosen and by happy circumstance each chose differently. 
Which meant I got to knit both patterns! 
Something I really wanted to do so I was quite pleased. 
Emily chose the Genevieve sweater and do to the fairy tale quality the design possesses I picked out a lovely shade of red Maliabrigo worsted yarn. 
It's the colorway Ravelry Red actually which is fun.
 This pattern is quite adorable but I found parts of it a little irritating to knit. I'm not one to mind seaming so the construction of it didn't scare me away. However, joining the waistband to the bodice proved to be harder than I would have guessed. 
Namely hard to make the stitches blend in and look nice, but  I did eventually manage it.
 In any case the final product was worth it. 
Erin chose the Cabled Yoke Jacket
A very well written pattern with brilliant construction.
 I chose a lovely turquoise shade of Malabrigo that's incredibly difficult to photograph,
the colorway is Emerald.
 It was fun choosing buttons to go with each jacket once they were finished.
 I'm planning to make a much larger version of this jacket for my daughter Gwen.
 I also decided that since there was more than enough yarn left over I'd make some booties.
Both babies in question live out in Colorado where it does actually get cold in the winter unlike here in sunny Southern California.
(something I'm not fond of whatsoever!)

As you can see I have a finished pair in red and only one in Turquoise but the second one should be finished up soon, it's a quick little knit.
And lastly, I'm in the process of knitting a baby gift for a friend as well as a collection of small baby beanies for the same sweet nieces receiving the above knits.
So look forward to some more knitting posts soon!