Wednesday, August 19, 2009

more progress on the kid's room

a couple weeks ago I did some more work on the kid's room. it's still not completely finished but when is a room ever completely finished right?

I hung the curtains back up, and put in new blinds on the bigger window. Hung their shelf and added some artwork.

Which still isn't done, I have the three sitting on the toy box and some other ideas of things I'd like to frame and put up

I also hung Gwendolyn's name banner, everything in their room must be hung rather high unless I'm ok with them touching it and getting it down. I would like to add something to her wall, some kid's book shelves like these, in white I think.

Here is the closet, I purchased a spring rod to hang up a curtain but the curtain I like is from Ikea and I have yet to make a trip there. So eventually this will be covered.

I have been phasing out the cheap store hangers we've had for so long and replacing them with all white plastic ones so they match. Makes a huge difference! I still have some green ones on Gabriel's end but they're good hangers so I probably won't get rid of them too soon.

And lastly I made labels for the clothing drawers. It's very helpful, even Gwen knows how to help put her clothes away because she can match the item to the picture.
So that's the latest for their room. I also got some new shelves for the living room so once I have those up I'll be doing a new post on that.