Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On Sunday we made a trip to Target to get a couple things and I showed this rug to Nathan, I'd seen it the last time I was there and really liked it but wanted his opinion. (not sure how I'll handle all the decisions on my own once he's deployed again haha ) He was kind of whatever about it but said if I liked it then I could get it. So it now lies in front of our couch all cozy and cute! It's pretty soft which is a must, no scratchiness allowed! And I liked the uniqueness of it, not the kind of rug you see every day.
I also got a big basket with a lid for our throw blankets. I dislike them lying about on the floor or tossed on the couch. Mostly because they just end up becoming fort material and I'm constantly refolding them. This way they can easily be picked up and thrown in the basket when Gabriel's done with his tent building. hooray for organization that makes life easier!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Art for the wee ones...

I just recently purchased 4 prints from Marmee Craft, who also has a lovely blog, my cozy little whimsy nook, where she shares her beautiful art work among other things. I had such a hard time choosing which ones to get because I love them all so much! her critter art reminds me of a much more whimsical Beatrix Potter. It has the same softness and detail but has a touch more make believe. I love her girl art as well, but since the kids are sharing a room, boy and girl, and I'm wanting it to have a whimsical woodsy feel I felt animal prints were best. I can't wait till they arrive in the mail! :D
My plan is to slowly collect art for their room and do a large picture frame collage of them all on one wall. Here are links to other prints and artists I like and will likely end up purchasing from.
barking bird art
Nessa Dee
For Charity
Tummy Mountain
Matte Stephens

Thursday, April 23, 2009

paint colors....

Stopped by Lowes the other day to check out some paint colors, I haven't picked 100% yet, in other words, I want to keep looking. However this is what I did find...

I focused on our bedroom and the living room first, So the above photo is some of the swatches I pulled out for out room. I want a taupe/peachy pink. something in the neutral family but with a nice warmth to it. My favorite so far is the Montpelier Peach from Valspar. (the full card on the left)

For the living room I'm leaning towards a shade of Gray. Somthing that's not too dark, and has more of a brown tint than a blue one. top favorite at this point is Montpelier Ashlar Gray, again, from Valspar (far right)

And the following is a pillow and some rugs that caught my eye, on sale at
Pier 1

The pillow would look great on the bed I'm hoping to create and the rugs I'm considering for the living room.

Monday, April 20, 2009

thoughts on color schemes...

For my first post on my new house blog I thought I'd discuss color schemes. For over a year now I've been in love with shades of coral and pink, like salmon. I have decided that I'm going to do our bedroom in these colors. But work in some more neutral tones as well, creams and whites, tan, taupe... I want the fabrics to be textured, linen, raw silk, soft cottons. A feast for the senses! I want it to be relaxing, calming, and romantic. these ideas are collected on the bottom half of my magazine collage...

The top half is greens white and grays. I have always love green and white together, very fresh and clean. but recently I have fallen in love with gray! pale shades of gray. when I started to add in the gray to my "plans" I got really excited. It's fresh but different too. and I like different.

I'm really hoping that through this blog I can hash out my ideas and gain insight into my own thoughts in order to make our home a true portrait of us, me mainly :) but our family as a whole.