Thursday, August 12, 2010

a birthday party...

Figured I'd finally get back to blogging and what better way than to share with you a party.
This was my birthday tea...

full of girlishness and tasty foods.

Candied orange and grapefruit peel along with other treats were placed around the table.

And of course no party of mine is complete without tissue paper pom poms.

My case you were confused. I was quite literally sewing these flowers to a comb the morning of the party, hehe :)

My dearest friends showered me with love, kind words and very thoughtful gifts, all wrapped with such care, I truly felt so blessed, I am so blessed to call them all friend!

Mrs Lady bird beetle couldn't resist the temptation of joining us, she hung around for quite some time, though I must say we didn't mind.

We had fresh berries with cream and orange chiffon cake

And a lemon poppy seed cake layered with lemon curd and frosted with coconut butter cream frosting. It was divine if I do say so myself.
I think I might have to make it every year now.

You wish you could sit down and have a lovely afternoon tea now, do you not?
It certainly makes me want to do it again anyway.

My dear sister in law Christina and myself

dear sweet Chebet


This is the One and Only Events team,
Lead by Alison, my best and dearest friend, (on the right)
Far left is Brittany and then Denise.
I love these girlies!

Two more lovely sisters
sister in law Heather and my baby sis, Erin.
Sadly my other dear sister Emily and my lovely mama couldn't be there but we thought of them through out and missed them.

All in all it was exactly what I wanted for my birthday, time with dear friends to sit, relax,
drink tea, eat tasties and talk.
Thanks to those who helped me make it happen and for taking all the pictures since my camera batteries decided to die that morning. :(
And now I am 25.


Anonymous said...

it was very cute and lots of fun :] i'm so glad i got to make it. miss you!!

Anna Kristine said...

Hi friend! Your birthday party looks so beautiful! Looks like you had such a fun time! Those tissue paper pom poms are so awesome!