Wednesday, July 29, 2009

catching up...

so, these are adorable! will definitely be making them at some point. (From Plum Pudding)

but I also thought I'd show you my new lamp shade, it's exactly what I'd been looking for so I was pleased to finally find it. :) pictured with it is a the newest addition to my apothecary jar family, a birthday gift from dear Em. I filled it with curled music paper I normally use at Christmas time. But it seemed fitting, at the piano and all.

I also recently purchased these bar stools, nothing fancy but it's so nice to have the kids sit in the kitchen and eat breakfast while I unload the dishes in the morning. :)

And lastly is the set up at the end of my desk, I'm sure it will change often but right now it's all the stuff I use regularly when sitting here, notebooks and sketch books, pencils and pens. :) (and green! cause I love green)

And that's the latest here at my house... but I have some more projects in the works so stay tuned!