Monday, May 31, 2010


After a month's worth of hard work this is what I have to show for it...250 chair covers and 244 sashes sewn in 1 month.
I don't think I'll ever undertake such a project in such a short amount of time again but I learned a lot from it and am glad I was able to get it all finished in time.
Special thanks to Brittany who helped me out and also kept me sane with adult conversation. :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

where have I gone?

In case you've been wondering this is where I've disappeared too...
I'm working on making 250 chair covers and sashes for a wedding a.k.a. I'm drowning in yards and yards of green taffeta!
Till then keep a look out for my posts over at One and Only Events!
See you in June

Friday, May 7, 2010

knitting love...

While reading on a favorite costuming blog, Demode, I hopped over to the Metropolitan museum of art website to browse their costume collections for upcoming exhibits over the summer. You can view them here and here if you're interested.
While scrolling through my eye was instantly drawn to this sweater.
Dated 1895, it's made of wool, and is of french origin.

"Description: This very early sportswear sweater combines the aesthetics of fashionable dress through its large gigot sleeves and overall silhouette with the informal sportiness inherent in any knit fabric. Casual wear, such as this, is rare in museum collections because of the nature of its use and the intrinsic value people placed on more formal attire."

I just love that knitting is something that has lasted for generations, always changing and yet forever the same. The detail and yet simplicity of this piece is fascinating to me.
I'm just in love with it and had to share!

For those of you who knit, click on the link to the sweater and use the zoom option to see parts of it up close!

Monday, May 3, 2010

bedroom inspiration...

I had this idea for decorating our bedroom, what I wanted it to become I mean. Well it never worked out cause I could never find the right bedspread with the right price tag that fit all my desires and dreams. Or at least close enough to them. So I sorta gave up and our room stayed plain and boring.
Then last week while looking at some of my favorite wedding blogs I came across this color palette, on The Perfect Palette and found it quite pretty.It took till yesterday to realize how easily I could make up our room to fit this same palette and now I'm SO excited. Our walls are a blush peachy pink so now I just need to add some gray and more pink and we're well on our way.
Bonus, I have some fun money right now to play with....I think Nathan will be coming home to a new bedroom at the end of the month! :D
I love the girly elegance of this whole thing can't wait to start finding things and seeing it all come together.

For anyone who may be concerned on Nathan's behalf of coming home to a room with lots of pink in it rest assured he won't mind. I was originally going for pinks, and orange hues and he was on board so we're cool. :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

knitting away...

Some recent knitting projects


And something for myself as well...

I need to find someone to help me take pictures of my big shrug I made.
I finished it in time to wear to Seattle and have a couple pictures of it from that trip but none to really showcase it. :)
So hopefully I'll be able to share that soon too.