Monday, May 31, 2010


After a month's worth of hard work this is what I have to show for it...250 chair covers and 244 sashes sewn in 1 month.
I don't think I'll ever undertake such a project in such a short amount of time again but I learned a lot from it and am glad I was able to get it all finished in time.
Special thanks to Brittany who helped me out and also kept me sane with adult conversation. :)


Shannon said...

Wow! Beautiful work! You are amazing.

Anonymous said...

well they turned out great even if they were a lot to do :]

Eugenie Mary said...

So glad I taught you how to sew. Really, I still thank my mom for having taught me :) This wedding reception would not be nearly as beautiful without your chair covers! Love it.

Alison said...

They looked wonderful AnnaMae! Thanks so much for all your hard work! :)