Thursday, September 30, 2010

knitting update...

I've been doing quite a bit of knitting these days, despite our nasty fall heatwave.
Thing is they've all been gifts so I haven't been able to post about them yet.
However one gift has been gifted and received so I may now share it here!
I made these for little Levi Ingram, the first born of my dear childhood friend Janelle.
I used the Placket Neck Sweater pattern by Joelle Hoverson,
And a free baby beanie pattern from Ravelry.
This was a fun project because I got to learn some new things. I'd never used Moss stitch before for instance, and it's also my first Raglan sweater so I got to learn how to do that.
Also, as the title suggests, it's a placket neck sweater so I learned how to do that as well!
I am pleased with how it turned out and will definitely make some more of these over the years.
Next up, the Hamster beans.
 This was a quick and adorable little project. I'll likely be making many more.
Gwen's requested a solid pink one.
 after knitting up the body you sew on the eyes, stuff it and close it up.
Then you knit up the ears and a few simple knots form the feet and tail.
After just and hour you have a sweet little hamster bean ready to play with! The kids were thrilled. And I am now hooked on making small toys, lol, the obsessions never end!
Now I just have to control myself and not share all the other things I've been making till they've been given to their recipients! : )

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Look who's in Kindergarten...

Not much to say, as I felt the pictures speak for themselves,
we have an adorably handsome son whose passion is to be silly and make you laugh.
What a blessing he is to our lives!
Our first week of school has gone great so far, (only one day left)
He's loving it, I'm loving it and that's a good thing.
More to come as we do projects and some school room photos as well...