Monday, May 3, 2010

bedroom inspiration...

I had this idea for decorating our bedroom, what I wanted it to become I mean. Well it never worked out cause I could never find the right bedspread with the right price tag that fit all my desires and dreams. Or at least close enough to them. So I sorta gave up and our room stayed plain and boring.
Then last week while looking at some of my favorite wedding blogs I came across this color palette, on The Perfect Palette and found it quite pretty.It took till yesterday to realize how easily I could make up our room to fit this same palette and now I'm SO excited. Our walls are a blush peachy pink so now I just need to add some gray and more pink and we're well on our way.
Bonus, I have some fun money right now to play with....I think Nathan will be coming home to a new bedroom at the end of the month! :D
I love the girly elegance of this whole thing can't wait to start finding things and seeing it all come together.

For anyone who may be concerned on Nathan's behalf of coming home to a room with lots of pink in it rest assured he won't mind. I was originally going for pinks, and orange hues and he was on board so we're cool. :)

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