Friday, May 7, 2010

knitting love...

While reading on a favorite costuming blog, Demode, I hopped over to the Metropolitan museum of art website to browse their costume collections for upcoming exhibits over the summer. You can view them here and here if you're interested.
While scrolling through my eye was instantly drawn to this sweater.
Dated 1895, it's made of wool, and is of french origin.

"Description: This very early sportswear sweater combines the aesthetics of fashionable dress through its large gigot sleeves and overall silhouette with the informal sportiness inherent in any knit fabric. Casual wear, such as this, is rare in museum collections because of the nature of its use and the intrinsic value people placed on more formal attire."

I just love that knitting is something that has lasted for generations, always changing and yet forever the same. The detail and yet simplicity of this piece is fascinating to me.
I'm just in love with it and had to share!

For those of you who knit, click on the link to the sweater and use the zoom option to see parts of it up close!

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