Thursday, March 18, 2010

a trip to the shore...

Monday as I was doing some sewing prep I got a text from my brother asking if we'd like to join them on a trip to the shore.
Spring weather like we've been having throws me into spontaneous moods and a longing for time spent enjoying God's creation so I said yes and rushed through the house getting things ready.

Nole and his family recently discovered a lovely beach that's secluded and has it's own little tide pool area so we drove North to meet them there. It really is the best and I think will be a frequent meet up place this summer.

The kids had a blast running their little legs off exploring and splashing away while us adults eagerly explored the tide pools for treasures. There were so many sea anemones, and mussels and also quite a large number of star fish.
Being a lover and collector of rocks I also enjoyed the wide selection of flat, thin skipping stones that ranged in size getting large enough you could use many of them for stepping stones in a garden...if only I had a garden, sigh :)

Any how, we did find a little hermit crab so here are the kids eagerly awaiting it's appearance. It's tiny so yes, it kind of looks like they're just staring at the sand. hehe.
North was the first to get wet. He was furiously kicking away in this shallow pool shouting,
"hey guys, I'm swimming really fast!"
lol I love these kids and their imaginations :)
They also enjoyed tossing large rocks into the pool for the splash it created, but who doesn't like doing that?I love this shot of Gwen, it's so her, the hair in her face that I can't ever seem to keep out of it, the pacifier she's nearly inseparable from...

To cap off the delicious afternoon we had when we got back to the car it was discovered that Nole and Heather's car key was missing. They scoured the back pack and pockets and then Nole ran back down to the beach to start searching.
Tide was coming in.
We were all praying, Heather and I began to search the car high and low for it and then took the kids back down the trail to look some more.
God answered our prayers and Nole did find it, in the water no less! likely just in time before it was washed away or covered by sand.
So the day did end well thanks to God's provision and next time they'll bring a key chain! ; )

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