Friday, March 12, 2010

the one where I post lots of pictures...

We've gotten quite a bit of rain this winter which is lovely as I adore rain. But after a weekend of rain followed by two very windy chilly days we quite enjoyed yesterdays warm sunny spring weather. We spent a nice portion of the morning outside.

We played,

And played,

and climbed

and laughed

made silly faces

took lots of pictures

and played some more.

We've been watching a couple ravens collect things for their nest over the past couple weeks...

They are best buds
This is one of our many hummingbird friends
Gabriel likes to pick Dandelions for his mommy :)
My God makes beautiful things
See, I told you, beautiful things :)
Peek a boo!!!

I know there are a lot of pics but I had a hard time picking cause I loved so many of them. :) they may wear me out and at times drive me crazy but I love my children just the same. God has truly blessed us.


Anna Kristine said...

*smile* This post is like a breath of fresh air in my stuffy little office. I love that Gwen has this big grin on her face in every single photo. She's so cute. So is Gabriel...and I love that they love each other. :)
Also...your photos are amazing! Love love love them.
Hope your having a good day friend.

Eugenie Mary said...

I loved these, it made me feel like I was right there with you all :) The kids look so happy and your pictures are great! I especially loved the one of the dandylions, you kids used to bring me little flowers all the time :)