Sunday, March 7, 2010

the little things...

On Saturday we had our sitter come for the afternoon as it'd been awhile since we'd had a date. We contemplated seeing Alice in Wonderland but decided to wait since it was opening weekend, and it would cut out at least 2 hours of our time together. So we headed to Ikea instead. I love going without the kids! Also usually we are going with a set purpose to buy something we've been wanting and saving for, therefore all the little cheap things that would be nice to have, fun to have etc... don't' get picked up cause we try to be smart with our money.
Anyway, we got a new cutting board! our old one was starting to split because I never oiled it. So hopefully this new one will last much longer as I plan on actually taking care of it this time around. :) (It's even prettier than in the pictures cause that was pre-oiling)

We also picked up these darling cookie cutters that are all woodland creatures. I'd seen them several months back but they were sold out so I was excited they had more in this time. Gwen immediately sat down to play with them...

and was soon joined by big brother. I'd say it was a successful purchase. I also got some curtains for the living room but still need a curtain rod so that project will have to wait just a bit longer.

And for good measure here is Daddy and Gabriel hanging out together. They were watching mountain bike videos. :D

For those wondering...we followed up Ikea with a late lunch at The California Pizza Kitchen and a quick trip into R.E.I. to ask some questions about a bike trailer for the kiddos. Nathan gets his new bike tomorrow so we're really wanting a trailer in order to take family rides.
It was a lovely Sat. our only down side being that Nathan had duty today. But such is life. It's been raining all day so I cleaned and watched the 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice while doing some knitting. The kids played different forms of dress up most of the day; turtles, cats and dogs, princesses (yes that's plural, Gabriel was one too he informed me). Actually it was pretty cute, Gwen got her princess dress for Christmas and only just wanted to wear it. I had to pry her out of it at bed time. :) Here she is seconds after donning it, twirling.

I love that they're little buddies. :) Makes a mother's heart happy to know her children love one another.

Gabriel is a ninja turtle here in case you couldn't tell. :)


Emma said...

Its weird that every time I see pictures they look even bigger! I wish I could come visit you tomorrow :-(

Alison said...

Hello dear friend! Finally checking out your new blog and LOVE it! You inspire me. We must hang out more. Love and hugs!