Thursday, March 4, 2010


what have I been doing lately?

having tea parties with this sweet girl,

being silly with this darling boy,

talking about yarn and knitting a lot!
(probably too much if you asked my husband)


And saying "I love you." to my husband as much as possible because it's true!


Anonymous said...

too cute :]

Jessica said...

Eeeeee!!! I'm so glad your back to blogging. I love seeing pictures of your family. The header picture is especially fabulous :D I miss you friend and can't wait for our date!

Anna Kristine said...

yay! I've missed you on here friend! Your kids have grown! They are even cuter...if that's possible. And your yarn is so yummy oh my goodness. Love those colors!
And look at you and your letters....I'm already inpired. :)

Eugenie Mary said...

You are an inspriation! I'm glad that some of your "knitting talk" is with me, because I love to talk about knitting too :) The children are adorable and I miss you all today.