Thursday, March 18, 2010

some of what I've been up to...

I've been keeping some old shirts and dresses that I thought might be fun to make over into clothes for Gwen and just never got around to actually doing it, till recently.
I'm constantly inspired by Katie did and the adorable things she makes for her girls, even more so once you learn that she usually makes up her own patterns!
So here are the items I no longer wear...

This one is actually a dress my sister owned and didn't want, I never ended up wearing it but thought the print was too cute not to keep. and there's a nice amount of fabric to be had there as well!


A skirt with pockets for little treasures

Some floral shorts
(more to come from this fabric as I have some left over)

And lastly, for this post, a dress!
The pink came from an old camisole I didn't wear much anymore but didn't take a picture off before cutting it up.
I used Gwen's clothes as a guide to be sure things would fit properly but on the whole made my own patterns. yee, I'm kind of proud of that. :)
The dress was the most challenging as I was designing it from a sketched out idea.
next time I'll make just a couple modifications to it, I think I'll extend the yoke further down the front. And the arm hole turned out to fit just perfectly so next time I'll make it a bit more roomy to allow for growth.
Also the reason my sweet Gwennie bean is not pictured modeling these fine garments is because she's been practically living in her Cinderella princess dress these days, so once she actually dons them I'll be sure to snap some shots and share. :)


Alison said...

Beautiful!!! I love the dress you made! Impressed, as always. :)

Shannon said...

Adorable! You are so talented. Gwen is a lucky little girl :)

Shannon said...

Also, what size is Gwen right now. I have two Disney Princess dresses (Cinderella and Aurora) that are size 2/3. Do you think she could wear them? If so, message me your address on facebook.