Monday, March 22, 2010

little man...

Gabriel Talon

A couple days ago Gwen was napping and Gabriel was playing outside so I took some pictures of course. I always love catching them when they're playing because when you're a kid that's what it's all about. Playing, all you want to do is play!
Plus then they're always happy and smiling for my photos :)

Anyhow, this little boy has always been a monkey of a climber, I think he was two when he started scaling the door frame of his bedroom. Now at five it's as though he is unable to play on anything the way it was meant to be played with. He must climb as high as he can, traverse the outer edge of the fences, go down the slide head first or clinging to the side that's supposed to keep you in...he is most certainly a boy.

And I love it!

For his birthday he got these army men, because every little boy should have little green army men right?

Here he is most graciously pointing out the army men set up in the sand.
This is one of his favorite faces to make when I ask him to pose for a picture.
(thus why I take pics while he's in the midst of playing rather than posing lol )

My little man loves being a man, after helping with chores he often tells me,
"mom, I'm a man!"
I love it!

He is learning how to serve ladies first, though at times he complains I'm confident that by the time it really matters he'll not only understand it but respect it and see the beauty of it.
He's curious and notices the little things.
He's sensitive, picks up on the way people are feeling and responds accordingly

He loves Jeeps, bikes, dogs, the color red, and anything "sugary"
He makes friends easily.
He loves to laugh and even more than that he loves making others laugh.
well I could go on forever cause he's my son and I love him but I think this is good for now.

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Emma said...

What a special little man he is :-) I love is monkey face pose. And I LOVE the way he makes me laugh even through pictures. You really have such a loving and sweet man on your hands, and the squeezing hugs he gives! I tell yah it melts me. Im always amazed at how big they get, but this time I was amazed at how right you are about his wonderful little personality at five, you are doing a great job mama, even when its rough :-) Keep it up! Love you