Thursday, April 23, 2009

paint colors....

Stopped by Lowes the other day to check out some paint colors, I haven't picked 100% yet, in other words, I want to keep looking. However this is what I did find...

I focused on our bedroom and the living room first, So the above photo is some of the swatches I pulled out for out room. I want a taupe/peachy pink. something in the neutral family but with a nice warmth to it. My favorite so far is the Montpelier Peach from Valspar. (the full card on the left)

For the living room I'm leaning towards a shade of Gray. Somthing that's not too dark, and has more of a brown tint than a blue one. top favorite at this point is Montpelier Ashlar Gray, again, from Valspar (far right)

And the following is a pillow and some rugs that caught my eye, on sale at
Pier 1

The pillow would look great on the bed I'm hoping to create and the rugs I'm considering for the living room.

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