Saturday, April 25, 2009

Art for the wee ones...

I just recently purchased 4 prints from Marmee Craft, who also has a lovely blog, my cozy little whimsy nook, where she shares her beautiful art work among other things. I had such a hard time choosing which ones to get because I love them all so much! her critter art reminds me of a much more whimsical Beatrix Potter. It has the same softness and detail but has a touch more make believe. I love her girl art as well, but since the kids are sharing a room, boy and girl, and I'm wanting it to have a whimsical woodsy feel I felt animal prints were best. I can't wait till they arrive in the mail! :D
My plan is to slowly collect art for their room and do a large picture frame collage of them all on one wall. Here are links to other prints and artists I like and will likely end up purchasing from.
barking bird art
Nessa Dee
For Charity
Tummy Mountain
Matte Stephens

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