Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On Sunday we made a trip to Target to get a couple things and I showed this rug to Nathan, I'd seen it the last time I was there and really liked it but wanted his opinion. (not sure how I'll handle all the decisions on my own once he's deployed again haha ) He was kind of whatever about it but said if I liked it then I could get it. So it now lies in front of our couch all cozy and cute! It's pretty soft which is a must, no scratchiness allowed! And I liked the uniqueness of it, not the kind of rug you see every day.
I also got a big basket with a lid for our throw blankets. I dislike them lying about on the floor or tossed on the couch. Mostly because they just end up becoming fort material and I'm constantly refolding them. This way they can easily be picked up and thrown in the basket when Gabriel's done with his tent building. hooray for organization that makes life easier!

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