Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Seattle! (part 1)

Our 4 day trip to Seattle...

We started with seeing the house and meeting Fay, who regrettably I did not ever take a picture of but rather took one from my mom's facebook to use.
After settling in a bit we went and had lunch at Husky's, a local place with the most delicious sandwiches! Then walked around looking in shops and catching up.
We happened upon a basket full of dishes for a mere $40 that mom snatched up,

Dishes are her "thing" after all.
Once dad came home from work we went out for a drive to get a view of their town and then made our way to a little Greek restaurant.

Fun conversation and yummy food made for a lovely evening which we finished off by going downtown to see Alice in Wonderland.
The following day was our one whole day with dad so we packed a lot in.
We started out taking the bus downtown to Pike's place market.

First stop was freshly made doughnuts and coffee

my mom thought it was funny that we were both taking pictures of the doughnuts and so took a picture of us :)

Then we browsed, shopped and just enjoyed meandering the market seeing all there was to see..
These were some amazing handmade kaleidoscopes! really cool.

We picked out tees for the kiddies.
The fresh flowers everywhere we killing me! want!!!

We eventually made it down to a tea shop my parents had visited before, which I had wanted to see so I could learn how to make up the tea they had bought me from there.
They had soooooo many teas we ended up buying some Lichee which is naturally sweetened and quite yummy.
Next we took the ferry to Bainbridge Island for the express purpose of a certain yarn shop my mother had told me of.
It was chilly but beautiful and we enjoyed taking pictures on the ride over as well,

Aw, I love my parents! they're the best, truly they are.
The homes were amazing! I can't imagine living in such a beautiful home and location...
ok, not true cause we did when we lived at Hume...
Anyway I guess the truth is it made me miss that.
Float plane!Isn't my husband a handsome man? I sure think so :)
well that's it for now, more another day...
too many pictures I tell ya!

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