Saturday, April 10, 2010

as promised...

More cute knitting!
A couple weeks back my friend Elisa contacted me about test knitting her first pattern.
I was totally interested as I adore knitting but got really excited when she showed me pictures of what it was I was getting to make!

I had planned on knitting up something similar but this one is a million times cuter in my opinion.
So of course I said yes and the process began.
It's actually a knit and crochet pattern but seeing as I learned how to crochet first this wasn't an issue for me.

It knit up super fast and for being her first time pattern it was written really well. I know she made a couple changes to perfect it before releasing it to sell but I was really impressed by her first time go at it. :)
And I loved getting to add this cute button from my stash, a gift with lots of other fun things from my sister Sydney.
Thanks Syd!

This fits very comfortably on my head, soft and warm, I love that you're ears stay cozy but you can still do your hair and don't end up with an itchy forehead like when you wear a beanie, lol.
I also like the versatility in personal design. because of the crochet border and flower you can use more than one color or make it all solid(like I did) depending on what you like. You could even make multiple flowers in different colors and switch them out.
And she's planning on sizing it down to make a child version as well which I'm excited about since I have a daughter and a niece.

So knitters you can purchase her pattern on Ravelry here, as well as her Etsy site here.
And if you don't knit but love this as much as I do be sure to check in on her Etsy site as well where she's selling them pre-made.

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Anna Kristine said...

Sooo cute! Mmm....I have the whole evening to myself, maybe I should get some knitting done. ;)