Thursday, April 1, 2010

Last Saturday...

This past Saturday I got a girl day. It had been in the works for awhile and we finally nailed down a date. It's become a bit of a tradition for me to head North to LA and see the FIDM

costume exhibit and this was the second time going with my friend Jessica. We really enjoyed the exhibit and agreed that the layout and set up of it this year was a deal better than last years. They also had more costumes from last years "The Duchess" which I was thrilled about. And there were lots from "The Young Victoria", again, exciting! Regrettably you are not allowed to take pictures so these I've snagged from the the web. There were lots of fun costumes to see, these were just three I especially enjoyed looking at.
The Red one is from the film "Bright Star" which I have yet to watch. The next is from "The Young Victoria" it was my favorite of the whole exhibit. truly gorgeous!
And the last is my favorite gown from "The Duchess" so that was also very exciting to see in person! It's a fairly small exhibit so you go through it pretty quick but certainly worth the
trip every time.

Afterward we grabbed some lunch at a nearby Pannini place that was quite delicious and then headed to a big mall to do some shopping. Something I don't do often and so always enjoy a lot for several reasons, the main one being my lack of tag along children. :) Lots of good conversation, a little Starbucks, and some Pink Berry finished off my lovely day of self indulgence. And bonus, I still made it home by 8:30 and got the evening with my beloved husband! which was nice since he left Monday for 12 days.


Anonymous said...

oh so fun :] i remember going there with you, even if i was distracted ;] jessica looks so different i didn't even recognize her!

Anna Kristine said...

You lucky girl you....:)