Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Nathan had to miss Easter with us this year...actually come to think of it I think he's missed it the two years previous as well. :( Hopefully next year he can enjoy coloring eggs with us, hunting them as well as celebrating the glory of God and the gift Jesus gave us in his death and resurrection.

After most of the days festivities Gabriel came to me with this drawing,
It's Jesus on the cross.
I asked him to draw me one of Jesus alive from the grave but he didn't want to draw anymore.

Gwen dyed one hand pink and the other green...

And had lots of fun in the process of course.

Gabriel was very meticulous and tidy with his...he's not type A at all! lol :)

Hunting eggs!
we did it early in the morning so the lighting wasn't great and none of the pictures turned out very well. But this one was just too cute not too share.
After getting dressed we went outside to play and enjoy the lovely weather.
We had a picnic lunch and just relaxed and enjoyed one another for the rest of the afternoon.

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