Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Organizing my half...

I have been listening to some tapes on organization and becoming the Proverbs 31 woman that my mom gave me. the first session is introduction to the class and then gets you started on cleaning our your closet!
Here's my before pics

this one is where my half ends and my husband's begins...

kind of sloppy but I did know where everything was still! :)
However I used the 5 questions I was told to ask,
1) Have I used it in the last year?
2) Do I love it at least 70% worth?
3) Do I need it?
4) Do I want it?
5) Do I have room to store it?

And as I sorted through everything I also used her sorting system which wasn't difficult as it's pretty much exactly what I've always done but I'll share it with you anyway should you be inspired to tackle your own closet! :D
You are to have 6 bins/piles for sorting:
1) "it's out of here!" donation/garage sale bin
2) rubbish bin (trash)
3) take care of bin, for anything that needs cleaning, mending etc...
4) put elsewhere bin, for all the things that do not belong in your closet but somewhere else in the house. :)
5) memory bin. I was thrilled she mentioned this one cause I do this! I have a plastic bin for each of us that's for keepsakes, anything we want to hang onto but don't need in the house, out on display etc... I especially love it for the kids, I can put favorite items of clothing they've grown out of, their hospital things, baby memorabilia, pictures get the idea :)
6)Keeper pile, everything you'll be keeping and putting back into your closet!

So without further ado...

my much more orderly and nearly 3 bag's lighter closet! The crazier part about the 3 bags is that barely a month ago I went through my closet and got rid of at least a bag then too. which is so silly cause anyone who is around me knows I just wear the same things over and over, lol.

I don't know why I was holding on to the stuff but it feels great to be rid of it. I even went through my shoes and got rid of old ones I hadn't worn in years, SO liberating let me tell you!

I'd say I'm a naturally organized person but my minimalism has only recently kicked it and it's just as addicting :D

I would love to get all matching white hangers, I have a nice amount already but I think I'll pick up a couple more packs my next trip to Target to give it all a more uniform look. And of course everything in me is itching to attack my husbands end of it but I'm a loving wife and would never go through his things without his supervision.

for more closet inspiration jump over to one of my favorite home blogs, This Young House they have their own closet post here.

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Anna Kristine said...

Oh...this is just what I needed! I'm in desperate need of some organization. I think I'll use your tips! And maybe if I take pictures it will encourage me to finish so I can brag. heehee But satisfying to have one's closet in order.
You know it's funny...I have all matching white hangers too. I don't think I've let a colored hanger in my closet for years. Just doesn't look right you know. ;) haha I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that way! :)