Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Today she is 3

Gwendolyn Marrin

Today my baby is 3 and it doesn't seem like it's really been that long.

regardless we could not love her more she's our little ray of sunshine and giggles

This is a face I find her making quite frequently

I always wonder what she's thinking...
she does talk but not enough to really share all her thoughts with us yet.

best friends!
I love their relationship
it reminds me of me and my big brother. :)

Here's the, "ok, I'm done with the pictures mom!" face.

And one of big brother for good measure... :)


Eugenie Mary said...

Remembering the day she was born. What a special time that was! I felt so blessed to be with you before, during and after. Gwennie is such a beautiful girl. She reminds me so much of you, but I do see Nathan and Grandma Laurie in there too :) I cannot wait to hear her thoughts and to know her better as she grows. She has a special little way about her, that is all Gwendolyn. Both of your kids are fun, and silly and smart and I love them.

Emma said...

What a sweet baby girl... even if she is three! I'm so sad I missed out on all the fun for her birthday but feel so blessed to have been able to get to know her so well before we left. Your kids always make me smile with all their energy, kinda crazy you and Nathan the quiet ones ended up with the wild kids ;-) Love you sister