Friday, June 26, 2009

painting session #2

I finished the next section of my living room. I'm onto the main gray color that I first fell in love with. Montpelier Ashlar Gray by Valspar

here's the space all taped off and ready to go...

And here it is all done and pretty!
although I have work to do yet. I'm considering putting a large painting over the little window space and I still need to replace the nobs on my sewing machine table...and other things too of course! :)

The color is lighter than I was expecting but I am inclined to think that's due to me looking at my one dark wall for a week.

I LOVE it though! it's so calming and perfect. Now I'm itching to get the rest done and find some curtains to put up.

I'm also deep cleaning as I go along so I scrubbed the window sill and frame, washed the windows and even scrubbed the blinds since they were pulled down for painting. I was rather pleased with the difference as I'd attempted to wipe them down to no avail before. But what a lovely change!

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