Monday, May 11, 2009

some kid stuff...

I love this idea of art supplies on a lazy susan! though this one is rather conveineint with it's special spots for the buckets I'm thinking a more affordable one from Ikea would do the trick just as nicely. And you could even glue the cans or buckets, whatever you were using, down if you were concerned they might fly off.

We have a kid's table with a bench and one chair. It's been used daily for a couple years now so I'm thinking of giving it a new coat of paint, red maybe? and the chair and bench in a contrasting color...ideas anyone? (and no I didn't bother cleaning up their toys before taking the pic! you get my life as is)

But since I do like things organized and tidy... wouldn't these little guys be darling to house toys in?!

all of the baskets and the lazy susan can be found on Pottery Barn kids if you're interested...I'll just drool over them and save myself the $!


Jessica said...

Anna... those baskets are such an adorable idea... does Ikea have anything that would be more affordable and just as cute?

and I love the idea of a red table! How about doing the chair and bench in a bright sunny yellow? or that beautiful bright green (but not neon) =D

Just a thought....always love looking at your ideas!!

Emma said...

Oooo those baskets are so cute! and i agree yellow would be adorable for the bench!